- Aquarama 2007 at Singapore
   New Strains (新品种) !!!
     - Sakura Ring Leopard(樱花圈豹) NEW!
     - Sakura Super Eruption(樱花超级蜘蛛侠)
     - HB Cobalt (高身翠绿) NEW!
     - HB Pigeon Checkerboard(高身棋盘鸽子)
     - HB Super Eruption (高身蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇)
     - HB BrilliantTurq (高身松石) NEW!
     - HB TigerStripeTurq(高身虎纹松石)NEW!
     - Albino Platinum (赤瞳蓝钻) NEW!
     - GFlora BrilliantTurq(巨型经典电光松石)
     - Pigeon (鸽子) NEW!
   Types of Discus (七彩种类)
     - Rocketeer HighBody(大鹏展翅系列)
     - Albino (白化/赤瞳)
     - HighBody (高身)
     - Heckel (黑格尔)
     - ICA RED
     - Breeding Pair (配对)
     - Solid Colour (全色)
     - Special (特殊品种) NEW!
     - Spotted (豹点)
     - Stripe / Pattern (花纹)
   Discus Farm Facility (渔场设施)
     - Breeding Tank (配对缸)
     - Growing Tanks (成长缸)
     - Quanranteen Tanks (检疫缸)
     - The Fastest Water Changing

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Sakura Ring Leopard (樱花圈豹) New!
Sakura Super Eruption (樱花超级蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇)
HighBody Cobalt (高身翠绿) New!
HighBody Pigeon Checkerboard (高身棋盘鸽子) New!
HB Super Eruption (高身蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇) New!
HighBody Brilliant Turquoise (高身松石) New!
HB Tiger Stripe Turquoise (高身虎纹松石) New!
Albino Platinum (赤瞳蓝钻) New!
Giant Flora Brilliant Turquoise (巨型经典电光松石) New!
Pigeon Checkerboard (棋盤鸽子)
Rafflesia (莱佛士)
Ruby Pigeon Checkerboard (棋盤鸽子)
Ruby Pigeon Snakeskin (棋盤蛇纹)
White Based Pigeon (白底鸽子)

Albino Yellow Crystal (赤瞳黄金)
Blue Scorpion Snakeskin (蓝底蝎子蛇纹)
GF Straight Line Brilliant Turquoise (巨型经典电光松石/直纹松石)
HighBody Leopard (高身豹纹)
High Body Tiger Checkerboard (高身虎纹棋盘)
Half Moon Highbdy Blue Diamond (半月高身蓝钻)
Leopard A Grade (A级豹纹)
Mandarin Passion (东方梦幻红)
Red Cover (红蓋子)
Red White (红白)
Snakeskin (Normal Grade) 蛇皮
Sakura Ring Leopard (樱花圈豹)
Sakura Super Eruption (樱花超级蜘蛛侠豹纹蛇)
Yellow White (黄白)


Lucky Tropical Fish Farm

Malaysia Leading Discus Breeder, Importer & Exporter
Tropical Fish Importer & Exporter

Lucky Tropical Fish Farm has been keeping and breeding Discus and Tropical Fish for over ten years. We have a great deal of experience in breeding various species of fishes with our innovative techniques. Thus, this website is specially designed for the importers and enthusiasts to obtain and exchange information of valuable fishes for their business and leisure.

Lucky Tropical, Malaysia's leading Discus breeder and proud winner of Discus Grand Champion at Aquarama 2007 is also a prominent importer of all kinds of ornamental fish. We have successfully built up a business network in over 20 countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China, USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Spain and etc.

Since 2006, our farm began to take on new breeding projects involving Freshwater Stingrays. After working with these amazing animals for the past two years developing specialized breeding programs and building our network with other farms, we are now ready to offer the world our captive bred stingrays. We specialize in both pure and hybrid strains. If you are looking for some of the world’s most beautiful and rare kinds of stingrays, we have it all. If we don’t have it, we can guarantee that we can get it for you. Even albino!!

    Our breeding farm consists of over 1000 holding tanks, along with our associate farms consisting of over 500 concrete and fiberglass tanks. Therefore, we are able to ensure our customers the best quality Discus, Arowana, Stingrays and other Tropical Fishes at a reasonable price.

Our reputation for quality and service is the backbone of our success in this business. We have over 90% success rate of repeat clients after trying one order with us. Most of these clients become our loyal customers and life long friends.

Your business is only as good as your supply, so if you are looking for quality that you can trust, feel free to contact us anytime.

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