Post Import Inspection Audit

Post Import Inspection Audit

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#6 Post Import Inspection Audit

Congratulations and well done! To Lucky Tropical Fish Farm among the 37 Fish Quarantine Premises in the State of Penang which has obtained the Approval for the Declaration of Fish Quarantine Premises by the MAQIS Department for the Year 2021.

MAQIS has also conducted audits and inspections on this quarantine premises which was carried out on 21 October 21 by the Penang State MAQIS Enforcement Office for the purpose of renewing the Certificate of Approval for the Declaration of Fish Quarantine Premises for a period of two (2) years (2022-2024).  

Privileges of Quarantine Premises that have been approved are premises that are monitored by the MAQIS Enforcement Officer during the quarantine period set for the purpose of analysis and disease surveillance. These inspections and surveillance are a necessity to ensure that importers and exporters implement control and quarantine measures to control and reduce any spread of pathogens through the movement of live fish.

It is informed that the MAQIS Department has taken over the full registration of Live Fish Quarantine Premises and Post Import Inspection of Live Fish from the Malaysian Fisheries Department. Enforcement regarding the registration of live fish quarantine premises and post-import inspection of live fish has come into effect from 14 July 2021. Failure to register the premises under MAQIS will result in the permit application not being approved.


#6 进口后检验审核


槟州 MAQIS 执法官于 10 月 21 日对 鸿运七彩神仙渔场进行了审核和检测。 鸿运七彩神仙渔场已符合及通过了MAQIS之隔离及检测之条件,因此批准了鸿运七彩神仙渔场的更新申请 并发出批准证书,为期两 (2)年(2022-2024)。




26 Oct 2021