General Terms & Conditions of Sales


Our price is quoted US Dollars. F. O. B. Malaysia ie. Excluding packing costs, freight costs & cost of export documentation. Price listed is mere representative due to the price of some fishes are seasonally affected. We shall confirm prices upon request and will be subjected to period of validity as specified. Lucky Tropical reserves the right to amend prices without any prior notice unless the sale has been concluded.

Minimum Order Quantity

A minimum 5 boxes of fish. For lesser quantity you may wish to get them from your local friendly aquarium shops as it will be more convenient and at a cheaper rate.


Advanced payment by Telegraphic Transfer at the point of confirmation of sale. Payment must be fully paid and sufficient to cover freight charges, cost of goods, packaging costs and any charges incurred on export documentation.

Notice on Time of Delivery

Due to the examination of health and condition of the fishes, as well as preparation of the fishes for export and other various export documentation to be done, a minimum time period of 3 working days after reception of full payment is required. Date of shipment is subject to availability of air cargo space for the desired destination.


In order to prevent any shipment delay, the buyer must, at the point of placing order, kindly specify required types of documents. Air WayBill (AWB) , Invoice and Health Certificate will be provided;, Certificates of Origin (optional) and other supporting documents will be equipped upon request.


All fishes are packed in plastic/poly bag and placed in polyfoam box and added with corrugated carton box. Measurement of box is as follows (measured in centimetre) :

Length Width Height
~51 cm ~39 cm ~39 cm
~62 cm ~51 cm ~39 cm

Our packing complies with IATA container requirement specification.

Carton box is printed with description of Live Tropical Fish, temperature and information on its handling. The quality of packing is safe for 36 ~ 48 hours from time of packing and subject to change depending on destination and duration of transportation.
Death on Arrival Policy

Our record shows more than 95% surviving rate is achieved under normal flights. However should any occurrence of higher DOA (death on arrival), buyer is responsible to report to the carrier immediately during clearance at the airport.

Hence, Discrepancy Forms must be completed properly and to be submitted to the relevant authorities. A copy must be forwarded to us for our verification. Pictures of dead fish must be sent to us immediately. Compensation, if any, shall only be limited to replacement of dead fish during the next shipment. Should any loss occurred due to flight delays or mishandling by the airline, claims should be lodged directly to the concerning airline. Buyers are requested to keep us informed.


All customers must quarantine the fish by themselves before transferring into their tanks.