1. Price is FOB?

Yes, our price is quoted in US Dollars, F.O.B. Malaysia. excluding freight charges, packing cost and cost of export documentation handling.

2. How do you measure your fish size?

For discus, the size of our fish is measured from head to end of body, excluding tail.

3. What is the minimum quantity to order?

Five boxes is definite minimum. For lesser quantity you may wish to get them from your local friendly aquarium shops as it will be more convenient and at a cheaper rate.

4. What is the quantity of fish per box?

It depends on the size of the fish you ordered.

Approximate number of fish in one box:

Size Qty/box Weight/box
~2.5” ~32 pcs ~20kg
~3” ~25 pcs ~21kg
~3.5” ~20 pcs ~21kg
~4” ~12 pcs ~21kg
~4.5” ~10 pcs ~23kg
~5” ~8 pcs ~23kg

The above is not applicable for mixed sizes. We may have to adjust accordingly based on destination, duration of transportation and etc.

5. Is there any discounts offered?

Regular buyers and distributors will be offered our quantity discounts should they buy beyond certain quantities but we are unable to offer the same on your first order.

6. Do I need to have import permit in order to import your fish?

Yes, in most countries.  Please counter check with you custom office or forwarding agent in your country.

7. Do I need to quarantine your fish upon arrival?

Yes. Buyer shall quarantine all the new fish before placing them into their community tank.

8. I am local, from Malaysia, can you deliver to me?

Yes, we can. We can quote you in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit), kindly contact us through lawrence@luckytropical.com.my, or call and whatsapp us at +6012-4218662.